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Mitchell Lake Campgrounds is a small quiet getaway for you and your family to enjoy. Just 30 minutes south of Erie, Pennsylvania. Fish and kayak on our beautiful 30 acre lake or ride your bike and enjoy nature. Our campgrounds is secluded enough for some peace and quiet but close enough to all the area attractions. 

We offer full hook up or partial hook ups between May 1st and October 31st. With daily, weekly, and monthly rates available. 

All units welcome.

About Mitchell Lake

1947 - in an effort to make a pond for the dairy cattle on the Mitchell Farm, Clinton L. Mitchell (4th generation) began to dig. Cambridge “Springs”, famous for its many springs held true and the digging produced a spring fed flood, which later became known as Mitchell Lake (about 30 acres). This was a surprise to the Mitchells but they forged ahead to find a useful purpose for a lake of this size. Soon it became a local recreation destination for Cambridge Springs and surrounding local towns. A bathhouse was built that offered changing rooms/bathrooms, a fireplace and concessions offering snacks & drinks, pin ball machines and a juke box. A life guard was hired and a diving board and raft were added to the lake. The sand between the bathhouse and lake was disked each morning for a soft surface to lay your towel for a day of swimming and fun in the sun.
Almost every child living in the surrounding area, can relate stories of their time spent at Mitchell Lake while growing up. It was a fun and wholesome time and place to watch the years go by. 

Over  years more attractions were added for the enjoyment of the those arriving at Mitchell Lake by bike and car. These included a picnic area with pavilion, a driving range, and a soft ice cream stand that also served burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. Eventually a campground was added that attracted those coming from longer distances. A small convenience store replaced the ice cream stand for the campers. For more than 30 years Mitchell Lake was a hub of social activity. 

As all things in the progression of life, such activities began to wane in popularity, the lake began to return to its natural habitat – filling with sea weed and lily pads. Children and parents were seeking out pools with their concrete decks for swimming and sunning. Now, what remains is the serene surroundings of the country, a sunset over the lake and perhaps a fire to enjoy an evening under the stars. A whole new generation (now the 6th) of Mitchells have endeavored to established a more modern camping facility to spend time with family and friends, away from the hub bub and wifi surrounding us.

- Christa (Mitchell) Nuss